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HTEDance Championship Series
List and Explanation of Awards

Team Divisions & Classifications

The divisions for team competition are:


  • K-3rd grade Studio / Community Team
  • 4th-6th grade Studio / Community team
  • 7th -9th grade Studio / Community team
  • 10th-12th grade Studio / Community team
  • Junior High / Middle School
  • JV / Pep Squad
  • High School- Small Team (2 to 15 members)
  • High School- Medium Team ( 16 to 29 members)
  • High School- Large Team (30 - 49 members)
  • High School- Extra Large Team (50+ members)


The divisions for officer competition are:

  • Varsity (Small, Medium and Large combined)
  • JV
  • Pep
  • Jr. High
  • (Same community/studio breakdown as above)


  • 10-24 people (may not use officers only!)
  • Varsity (Small, Medium and Large combined)
  • JV
  • Pep
  • Jr. High


Ensembles are grouped by division, then by number of people in the ensemble.

  • Duet 2 people
  • Trio 3 people
  • Small Ensemble 4-6 people
  • Medium Ensemble 7-10 people
  • Large Ensemble 11-15 people


Soloists are grouped by grade level.

  • Pre-K
  • K
  • 1-3 rd
  • 4-6 th
  • 7 th – 8 th
  • 9 th – 10 th
  • 11 th – 12 th

Division I Rating (Rating only, no award given)

A score of 86 or above from at least 2 of the 3 judges on a routine.

Category Champion (Team, Select, and Officer Divisions)

Top scoring team in each category, per division, receives this award. In order for more than one place to be awarded, there must be at least four entries per category.                    

Categories are Jazz, Pom, Prop, Lyrical, Contemporary, Open, Military, Kick, Novelty, Hip Hop and Modern

Division Champion

Top scoring team in each division (Varsity officers, Small Team, Medium Team, and Large Team) receives this award, if there are at least three entries in the division.

Judges Award

Given to teams for outstanding qualities displayed throughout the contest. (Choreography, Technique, Showmanship, Presentation, Entertainment).


Awarded to teams, select, and officers receiving a Division I rating on their 3 top scoring routines. If a team enters in more than 3 categories, the lowest scores are dropped and the 3 top scoring routines are used to determine this award.

Super Sweepstakes

Awarded to teams, Select and Officers score 95 or above on 3 routines. Top scoring routines are used to calculate. If you enter more than 3 categories, the lowest scores are dropped and the 3 top scoring routines are used to determine this award.


All soloists with a score of 86 or more will receive a Division I Award.

Based on # of participants in a division, there may be a need for finals. The top soloists from the division will compete in the finals. Please note that the preliminary scores are not considered during the final round. In other words, the scoring during the finals is separate and independent of the scoring before the finals. The finalists will not receive a score sheet for the finals, only from the preliminaries.

The number of placements is determined by the # of entries in the division. In some divisions, it may not be necessary to hold a final round.


Each division will award placements. The number of placements is determined by a percentage of the number of entries. Each ensemble scoring an 86 or above from at least 2 of the 3 judges will receive a Division I Award.

SELECT Company Sweepstakes :

Awarded to those SELECT companies who receive a Division I rating in each of their top three scoring routines. If a school does more than 3 company routines, the 3 routines with the highest averages will be considered for sweepstakes.

Grand Champion School – SELECT DIVISION :

*If there are at least 3 schools entering at least 3 SELECT categories, this award will be issued. Each school entering at least 3 SELECT company categories is considered for this honor. Each school’s top 3 scoring SELECT company routines are considered. This award is tabulated by combining the scores from all 3 judges in each of the 3 routines to arrive at a grand total of points. The school with the highest total SELECT Company points is the Grand Champion SELECT School.

Grand Champions (Team, Officer, and Studio Divisions)

Awarded to the Top Scoring Team and the Top Scoring Officer Squad. This is calculated by adding the total points from each judge in each of the team’s top 3 routines. If a team enters more than 3 routines, the top 3 scoring routines will be used to calculate. There must be at least three teams in a division in order for Grand Champion to be awarded. (Jr. High, Pep Squad, JV, Varsity, Community/Studio).

Tops in Texas

Awarded to the team with the highest score from our entire season regardless of classification.

updated: 2/2013

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