HTE Dance and Spirit Group & Jeffrey Giles effectively train students to be leaders.  HTE offers Student Leadership Clinics that effectively teach team work and goal setting while motivating your team to achieve those new goals. Leadership Clinics are perfect for bands, drill teams, dance teams, student councils, and other school groups.  HTE also conducts Officer Training Camps for leadership and great choreograhy during the Summer for dance/drill team officers, Special Events for Dance/Drill Teams during the Winter, and Dance/Drill Team Contests during Late Winter. Visit this site often to find out what's new at HTE!

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What makes competition a competition? What makes a performance perfect? What do you do that others don’t? What sets you apart from the rest? What makes YOU different?

Join HTEDance on their cutting edge technique training tour…coming soon to a city near you!

Learn the actual mechanics behind those skills that will thrill your judges and audience alike. Go through the proper progressions and truly build those skills with the experts!


Along with intensive skills training, you will have the opportunity to learn hot routines to the latest jams! Choose from urban hip hop, high energy pom, and stylized jazz routines.

  • Mechanics of technical skills
  • Full warm up
  • Extensive across-the-floor combos to build technique
  • Individualized critiques
  • Hot routines
  • Directors-bring those video cameras!
  • One free copy of the music per squad; individuals may purchase the music on site
  • Lunch and snacks available on site

INDIVIDUALIZED CRITIQUES: Soloists and officer candidates may bring their solo (partial or in its entirety) for individual critiques from the HTEDance staff of experts. Bring your music, along with a blank cassette for recorded comments.

PRE-DRILL/PEP SQUAD/TRAINING TO TRY OUT FOR DANCE/DRILL: If you are interested in a separate curriculum in the form of a pre-drill “boot camp”, please share that interest by contacting us at We will offer this curriculum when 20 or more pre-register for this version of the clinic.

Sample Schedule for The EDGE™
(subject to change as needed)

8:30am Registration
9am Warm up, Across the Floors
9:45am Session 1 -Choose one
  1. Leaps - various
  2. Turns, axels
  3. Pre Drill/JV Basics
10:30am Snack break, Shop in spirit shop
10:45am Session 2 Choose one
  1. Fouettes, axels
  2. Russians, switches
  3. Pre Drill/JV Routine Part 1
11:30am Lunch (45min.)
12:00pm Kick Academy Auditions in Gym

Various tricks, 2+ skills combined

12:15pm Session 3 Choose one
  1. Hip Hop routine
  2. Individual critiques (on skills or contest routines; bring own jambox & music)
1:15pm Session 4 Choose one
  1. Stylized jazz routine
  2. Combos, more skill work, across the floors, Solo/Contest Critiques
  3. Non traditional tricks
  4. Pre Drill/JV Routine Part 2
2:15pm Snack break
2:30pm Session 5 Choose one
  1. Pom routine
  2. Individual critiques (on skills or contest routines; bring own jambox & music)
  3. Pre Drill/JV Kick Technique/Review Routine
3:30pm Show off routines!
4:00pm Farewell

Registration - $25 per student

San Antonio EDGE

Dallas Area


Registration - $25 per student

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